Using Your Air Conditioner To Avoid Springtime Allergies

Though springtime is a beautiful time of the year, for many it's a time of miserable allergies. To allergy sufferers, April showers don't only bring May flowers, they also bring flower pollen that leads to runny noses, coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes. For these people, it's not an option to open the windows and let the fresh air in. The best way to ensure the house is an allergy-free zone is to keep the allergens out and the cool air in.

Regularly changing your air conditioner's filter is one of the best ways to keep allergens out of the air in your home. This important maintenance also has the added benefit of helping to avoid air conditioning or Heating Repair Buford. Changing the filter helps the unit to run more efficiently and with less stress. This ultimately helps to avoid Air Conditioning Repair Buford. The type filter you choose when trying to eliminate allergens in the home is important.

If you ask most experts or doctors, they will recommend that you replace your air filter with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, or what is known as a HEPAfilter. This filter forces the home's air through a very fine mesh filter, trapping any dangerous particles that may cause irritation. Though many filters can trap debris in the air, a HEPA filter helps to trap dust mites, mold spores, pollen, tobacco, and pet dander—all pollutants that can cause allergic reaction.

Keeping the humidity levels in your home low also helps to avoid mold-related allergic reactions. It's usually recommended that homeowners keep humidity in the house to 60% or less. This discourages any mold spores from surviving in the home. When air or heat is turned off and windows are opened, mold spores can easily travel into the home. The most common way these spores enter the home, aside from open doors and windows, is through the air conditioning and heating ventilation system, on your pets, and on your clothing and shoes. Many people aren't sensitive to a small number of spores, but if you are, it's of utmost importance to keep the humidity low in your home to avoid the mold from thriving.

Remember that running your air conditioner on a steady basis to lessen allergens in the home does, in fact, increase the importance of regular AC maintenance. The more the unit runs, the more often it must be serviced. This regular maintenance helps to avoid hvac repair in Dacula. Always take the time to maintain your air conditioning unit so you won't be calling for Air Conditioning Repair Suwanee, instead you'll be breathing easy inside your allergen-free home.